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I will start off this review from the outside in. The ICS PCR-97 MIL4AS AEG is a very sturdy gun, with a good solid feel to it. I personally like the feel of a CA M4/M16 over the ICS, however the integration of the forward assist as a gear release and the 2 piece gearbox cause me to leave my loyalties to ICS. The reinforced barrel helps to completely erase barrel wobble, such as in the TM M4/M16's, however you will need a nun-chuck style battery due to decreased space in the foregrip. The forgrip is very plasticky and is a major downside to the gun, so if you are looking for feel, I would suggest either ordering a new set of foregrips made by CA or another company, or simply scratch the foregrip all together and get a RIS/SIR system.(Be sure to remember that if you decide to get a RIS/SIR, you will need to get something such as a mod stock or PEQ to hold the battery.) As far as the internals of the ICS go, everything is well built. Some weird things have been going on overseas though, as far as internals go. I received an aftermarket reinforced sector gear in my ICS rather than the stock one, and some fellow teammates also received aftermarket parts in their CA M4/M16's. I don't mind the reinforced sector gear except for the fact that it completely eliminated the ICS's ability to shoot first then rewind the piston, which is a very nice feature on the gun because it decreases the amount of time between trigger pull and the actual firing of the BB. Barrel access is as simple as removing one pin, sliding out the top part of the gearbox witch contains the piston and spring assembly, and then simply pulling the entire barrel assembly out witch is all contained in one basic piece. Out of the box my ICS was shooting right around 300 fps with .20 gram BB's witch is about average for an ICS. Overall I don't think I would rather have any other version of an M4 or M16. The ICS is very reliable and I have had no problems with mine, and am now running an m120 spring with a reinforced spring guide, new bushings, new shims, and a reinforced piston. I have had no problems with my gun before and/or after the upgrade and except the decreased battery life, have no complaints. I would highly recommend this gun to anyone looking for a reliable, all metal gun at a reasonable price.


Classic Army G36C

The CA G36C is a great cqb weapon and is very reliable as well. I do not have a single complaint about this gun. Sure there are a few miner inconveniences such as gear box accessibility and battery room, but such things are to be expected when you are talking about a gun that is made to be as compact as possible. When it comes to which is better, the TM version or the CA version, I wouldn't even consider it a competition. The TM has a bit of a glossy black gleam to the body where as the CA is a flat black and feels very ridged. Power out of the box is also above normal at around 315 to 325 fps. When you consider that the CA comes stock with a steel reinforced spring guide, 7mm bushings,the ridged fiberglass body, and shooting at above normal fps, it is no wonder why I prefer the CA over the TM. The TM is a reliable gun, don't get me wrong, but when you feel both guns in your hands and have a chance to shoot each, you will realize why I LOVE my CA G36C. The upgrade options are also growing, with the possibilities of converting the gun to a G36K, MG36, SL-8, or XM-8. The amount of aftermarket parts are also growing so you can customize the gun any way you want. Overall, I would recommend this gun to anyone, a beginner, a veteran, anyone. It is very low maintenance. To be perfectly honest, I have only had the gun apart once in the 5 months that I have owned it, and even then it was a simple tune up and grease job. Such a simple and reliable gun for a very reasonable price at around $300 US.





Classic Army M249 MKII(MK46 conversion)

I will start with the one complaint, the weight. Although very realistic, and very very nice feeling, the weight is rediculus. It comes in around 23lbs fully loaded, and carrying that thing around even with a sling, can get very tireing.

Now, for the long list of pro's.

The gun itself is one big pro, it is full metal, feels like a very large rock in your hands, and the gearbox is amazing. To change springs out all you do is unscrew a thumbscrew on back of the reciever near the stock, hing the stock down, and there is a large metal chunk on the base of the stock, that acts like the back of the mechbox. When the stock is swivled, the spring guide and spring comes right out the back of the gun. The problem is that you still need to get into the box to replace anything other then the spring or spring guide.

The gun while stock and upgraded is amazing. The reinforced parts in the mechbox can very very easily handle a 9.6v battery, pushing rof amazingly high, to the point where it puts out so many bb's, it looks like a wall coming at you. The inner barrel has a good length to it, and the gun is not to shabby on accuracy with the stock barrel. It has just the right spread of bb's to where even if you are off on your aim by about a foot, you still have a very very high chance of hitting the target.

The feel of the gun while shouldered is not bad at all. The stock is a little long, but not to bad. It is a bit tricky to go from a patrol stance to a firing(shouldered) position, but it can be done with some practice.

There is a fair amount of upgrade and aftermarket internal and external parts for the gun. Mine sports top and bottom RIS rails, and a railed feed trey cover. This allows for ALOT of attachments, however with the front RIS rails installed, you need to remove the bipod, because it can no longer fold inwards. If you really want a bipod though, you can get a tactical RIS mounted one.

Overall, with this being the second CA I have owned, I am again VERY impressed with the guns. They preform wonderfuly, and feel very pleasing in your hands. They are great guns for beginners and vets alike, and I would recommend the gun to anyone.


KJW Glock 32C
Although I only had this gun a short while and can not accuratly say it's reliability over time, I can say what I did experiance while having the gun.  I loved this gun, it was probably the single best pistol I have ever owned/handled/fired.  It was not a large gun, however had a pretty high fps at around 260fps to 280fps.  It had a metal slide and outer barrel and an ABS frame.  It was very easy to take down, and maintane.  Again I can not speak about long term use with the gun becuase I only had it for about two weeks, however due to previous experiances with KJ products, I would have to imagine that it would continue to be a reliable gun for quite some time.  From my experiance with this gun, I would recommend it for anyone looking for a low maintinance, high reliability gun.  On a side note, I did not like the fact that the Glock logo's had been grinded off due to US laws, but, it was something that is done to almost all guns that do not have proper authorization to use that logo.

Classic Army M24
First impression: Damn. The gun was very very heavy, and felt like a brick, it was very solid, and a wonderful feeling rifle while sholdered. I fell in love with it right away, and despite a few problems that I would have later on down the road, loved it to death.

Problems: I had 2 main problems with the gun, number one being that the outer barrel, which the stock bolts two, although thick was made of fairly soft aluminum. I had to retap every single hole before I sold it. Second problem was the amount of aftermarket parts. Where there is an abundance of parts for the Maruzen and TM guns, the CA is very limited, and the only major company that makes internals are PDI. The only aftermarket trigger is the PSS2 Zero Trigger (red) which even then isn't ment for the gun.

Performance: I only used the gun in one event, and it was pretty amazing. I ran a stock barrel with .29 SGM's and it was more accurate than a Maruzen APS2 with aftermarket 6.03 barrel. FPS in the gun was around 550 with .20's. Overall, while in use at that event, I used about 10 to 15 rounds all day, and got probably 3 or 4 kills. It got a little heavy carrying that thing around, but luckily I found a few good places to stay put.

Overall: Overall the gun was pretty nice. I liked it, and was sad to see it go(luckely it stayed on the team). I would recommend this gun to anyone who isn't affraid to get there hands dirty with a little extra work and TLC.

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